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The revision of EN81-20 parts 1 & 2, to become EN81 -20 parts 20 & 50, is widely recognised as the greatest change to lift design code in the last 20 years.

The changes contained within it affect both elevator manufacture and certification. Formula Systems’ door detection devices used to signal the detection state by means of a logic level or relay contact state. If there was loss of power the logic will default to the open state providing a fail-safe operation.

This solution however did not provide a ‘health check’ for the safety edge. Under the new EN81-20 & 50 codes, the door detection systems must be able to communicate with the elevator controller when it is in a fault state. The controller then takes the relevant action reducing the energy in the door closure and providing an audible alert.

Formula Systems introduced both static and dynamic versions of their market leading door detection devices that meet the requirements of the new code in July 2014.

The new products embrace not only the new code requirements but also the wider needs of the marketplace as is evidenced by Formula’s ability to offer varying degrees of IP rating and fixation methods.

Formula Systems is happy to deliver bespoke solutions based on its customer’s specific requirements with the assurance that any solution will be innovative, reliable and flexible to meet its customer’s individual needs.