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Introduced for Europe, the new EN81-20 code specifies that door detection systems must enable communication with the controller when in a fault state so that relevant action to reduce the energy in the door closure can be taken and an audible alert message delivered.

The Formula Systems EN81-20 code compliant product is available in both static and dynamic applications. Formula Systems’ standard 35-beam infra-red (IR) curtain is still available for the maintenance market.

This product features a multiplexed diagonal array of 35 infra-red (IR) beams, packaged in a 9mm wide x 26mm long aluminium housing.

ModelVersionDimensions (mm)Range (m)MountingBeamsSensorsEN81-20 Compliant
WDHMinMaxDoorTrackQtyTopBottomQty TxQty Rx
0772Long Range92717800.85.0*72160322
0735Long Range92718660.76.0**3516541818x
0740Long Range92720100.75.0*401803189x
Product standard characteristics
Response time: <100msLight Immunity: >100,000 lux
Output: NPNIndicators (LED): Red obstruction
Ingress Protection: IP54Temperature: Ambient -20°C to + 70°C, Storage -40°C to +80°C
Operating Voltage: 24v (18-30)Material: Al. Alloy casing, plastic lens cover
Current Consumption: 100mA (Typical)Approvals & Certification: UL, cUL, CE, cULus (for 0772 and 0796)


Universal Interface content

Our interfaces combine with SlimScreen, SafeScreen and Vision products in applications where direct connection is not appropriate.

Housed in a coated steel casing, installation is simple and quick. The product enables the user to select multiple output relays and buzzer/nudging options.

Signal connections to the controller are provided by a pair of relays with changeover contacts. In order to ensure a failsafe response to power failure the detection relay, which is normally in the energised mode, will drop out when any of the detection systems are interrupted.

The FPS0279 product is designed specifically for use with Vision 3 and can be powered from a supply voltage ranging from 100 – 240V AC (50 or 60Hz).

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